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A quarter of a person’s life is spent on the road, every step you take and everything you do is accompanied by a pair of shoes, an essential item in our lives. What do you look for in a shoe, the material, the shape, the colour or the comfort? If it were me, then I would definitely choose the material, whether it is a life shoe or a work shoe a good material will determine the comfort of the shoe, service life and other factors.

Common upper materials are mainly divided into leather, PU, fabric and other major categories, today Baihua Xiaobian will talk to you about what are the common upper materials in labour protection shoes, to help you further understand.

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1、Natural leather materials

There are more types of natural leather and more choices. There are usually cowhide, pigskin, horsehide, sheepskin, deerskin and so on. Natural leather has cowhide for example, its pores are small, evenly distributed and close, the skin surface is bright and smooth, rich and delicate texture, flat and soft appearance, with very good softness, moisture absorption and breathability. However, the corrosion resistance of natural leather is poor and cannot be used in those corrosive workshops of chemical plants.Mostly used for outdoor safety shoes

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Natural leather is also divided into the first layer and the second layer. The first layer of leather is more wear-resistant, smoother and more wear-resistant, beautiful and elegant, and is mostly used in fashionable outdoor safety shoes. The second-layer leather is more cost-effective, except that it is not as smooth and wear-resistant as the first-layer leather, and its other properties are no different from the first-layer leather. Because it is cheaper, the buyer is the most, and it is mostly used for construction safety shoes

2、Artificial leather

an extremely popular material, is a plastic product that looks and feels like natural leather and can be used instead of it. Usually made from a fabric base, coated with synthetic resins and various plastic additions, it is a generic term for man-made materials such as PVC and PU. It can be made according to different requirements of strength, wear resistance, colour and pattern. Its advantages are similar to natural leather, a wide variety, better water resistance, high utilisation, bright appearance, soft texture, wear resistance, folding resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and cheaper than genuine leather. The disadvantage is that it is less breathable and less hygroscopic.Can be used for corrosion-resistant safety shoes

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In the 1980s, expensive leather clothing and leather materials were not affordable to the general public, and in response to market demand, artificial leather imitating leather was once popular and was widely used for making clothes and bags. This imitation leather clothes, bags, shoes once flooded the streets, to meet people’s desire to wear leather wear leather. It is also an alternative solution to the current market, reducing the need for animal skins to protect clothing. Compared to leather, artificial leather is easy to age and wear, and because it contains a large number of chemical materials, it is easy to produce personal health hazards when making intimate clothing, so perhaps new and more durable products will emerge in the future, gradually replacing its market position in clothing and shoe making.


Nylon leather is a polyamide fibre, is mainly used as a synthetic fibre and its most outstanding advantage is that it is more abrasion resistant than all other fibres. Nylon material with its high mechanical strength, good toughness, high tensile and compressive strength, high softness, light weight, moisture absorption and heat preservation, corrosion resistance and other advantages, but its water absorption is poor.

Nylon, like polyester, has better toughness and strength, and has good performance in terms of stretch resistance and abrasion resistance. These characteristics can largely improve the practicality of nylon, so there are many rash suits and waterproof clothing on the market that are made from nylon.Can be used for high temperature work boots

Nylon is heat resistant, even at 150 degrees, it will not be damaged, so it is not easy to damage the fabric due to the high temperature in the process of processing.

Nylon fabric is very durable and will not be damaged no matter how it is stretched or folded, so it is suitable for fatigue applications.

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Nylon is non-toxic and non-hazardous, whether it is used for production, or wear, will not affect human health, and nylon fabric is better dyed, so it can provide better convenience for clothing design and production.

Leather uppers are made from natural leathers such as cow, pig and sheep, and their quality has indicators such as fastness to folding, which should be tested with instruments. When we buy shoes, we mainly look at the surface of the leather upper leather should be smooth and meticulous, the thickness should be uniform, the colour should be even and not decolourised, the coating layer should be firm, not loose, not cracked. If you press the surface with your hand, there are only slight radioactive wrinkles, and the surface will recover immediately after you let go of the hand, and the surface is elastic.

4、Suede leather

The suede is made by polishing the surface of the leather and dyeing it in a variety of popular colours, and can be made from two layers of leather or imitated by artificial leather. The advantage of suede is that it has a very good texture, elegant and generous appearance, and is breathable, comfortable to wear and resistant to wear and tear. It is one of the common materials used in many fashion, business, leisure and labour shoes, and is a representative of nobility and luxury. Nowadays, a lot of shoe manufacturing will use cow suede material, combined with the current trend, but it also has shortcomings, its colour fixation is poor, easy to dirty, not easy to maintain, suede shoes are easy to inhale dust, encounter water suede and will fall down.Can be used for casual work boots.

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If you are used to safety shoes made of natural leather, we may feel that natural leather has better advantages, because from the surface the suede does not have the lustre and smooth characteristics of natural leather. Then, apart from these two points, the fact is that suede is comparable in value to first layer genuine cowhide, while being more ecological. In a sense, the performance of suede is in no way inferior to that of top layer leather. Such as breathability and abrasion resistance, suede also performs well, while in terms of extended functions, such as comfort and matching, it has proven in practice to be more convincing than first layer leather. Cow suede actually refers to a second layer of cowhide, so named because it is used in reverse.

5、KPU moulding material

KPU moulding material, KPU is also a polyurethane material. Unlike the traditional process, the use of KPU technology allows the pattern that needs to be printed and engraved, etc. to be made directly on the gang surface and shot out at once, eliminating the need for companies to laminate product logos and patterns twice when making shoes. It has the advantages of lightness, good wear resistance, non-slip and flex resistance.Mostly used for insulating safety shoes.

The KPU moulded upper is lighter and has a very impactful 3D visual effect, which is favoured by users, and is more flexible, so that when the feet enter the shoe, they can feel the all-round wrapping feeling. Its material upper pattern, printing, size and bottom material can be fully customized and produced according to the requirements of the purchaser, and its products meet the development needs of the market.

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The biggest advantage of KPU shoe material is its folding resistance, which is the most important test of the shoe’s folding resistance. More shoes will lose their protective properties when the number of folding resistance is 3-4 times, while KPU material, after testing the number of folding resistance up to 160,000 times. Its folding resistance and wear resistance is high.

KPU shoes are non-toxic, non-hazardous and environmentally friendly, the material is completely different from traditional materials and meets the requirements of major brand testing standards. The raw material used is solvent-free PU, which is 100% environmentally friendly. This is why KPU labour protection shoes have also become a new trend.

6、Canvas material

Canvas material, canvas is a relatively coarse fabric made of cotton and linen. The advantages of canvas work shoes are sturdy and wear-resistant, comfortable and breathable, better stability, canvas is a healthy and harmless material, suitable canvas work shoes we can rest assured to use. However, its wrapping and protection properties are poor, we can use it in less dangerous environments, while canvas labour protection shoes are a good choice for summer.Mostly used for construction work boots.

Waterproof and high quality. The difference between canvas and oxford cloth: different characteristics . The big classification is waterproof and non-waterproof, personal advice or canvas this kind of bar, marching bed, disadvantages: not waterproof, use different characteristics different coarse canvas also known as canvas.

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The general canvas is much thicker than oxford cloth. It is also a direct influence on the colour of the clothing, canvas is also a kind of fabric. What is the difference between canvas and cotton? Canvas is not also cotton, high school book a lot, not lazy, with good waterproof performance, waterproof, modeling the performance effect. There are various fabrics for clothing.

Durable features. Most of the current school bags are made of Oxford cloth and nylon. Rough canvas, also known as tarp cloth, is the most robust and durable. Oxford cloth is more firm fabric key is the purpose.


The above is a brief introduction to the common upper materials of labour protection shoes, I hope it can help you, if there is anything you do not understand about the purchase of work boots, welcome to come to the consultation message.