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Why need to wear safety shoes

Because workers are operating machines, handling materials, and other operations, their feet are usually at the lowest part of their working postures, and they will come into contact with heavy and hard objects at any time, so that they will be injured by stabs and smashes. In addition, workers are burned by the solution in the laboratory, and get an electric shock in the workshop. According to statistics, 7% of accidental injuries in the workplace are foot injuries. Therefore, when working in high-risk places, workers must wear steel toe safety shoes that meet the standards to prevent foot injuries to the greatest extent.

Features of wearing safety shoes

Protection against falling and anti smash safety shoes: Mainly to prevent objects from smashing the feet and toes.

Anti puncture safety shoes: Anti-puncture strength is level 1, suitable for mining, fire fighting, construction, forestry, machinery industries, etc.

Cut resistant safety shoes: According to the materials used in the occasion, the protective functions are generally divided into acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, and water resistance.

Anti static safety shoes: Used in dust-free electrostatic workshops and general special electronics factories.

Prevent slips trips and falls safety shoes: To minimize the risk of electric shock during live work.

Prevent fatigue safety shoes: Comfortable and can relieve work fatigue.

Prevent burns safety shoes: Also known as caster shoes and steel shoes in the industry, which mainly protect the feet from burns, scalds and punctures caused by high temperature liquids.

Withstand extreme weather safety shoes: Used for working in low temperature and severe cold environment. There are fur and felt boots inside the shoes, which have good thermal insulation performance.

Therefore, purchasing products that meet your requirements is the most important consideration. The following is an introduction to the main functions of the 5 ways to protect your feet by safety shoes.

Top 8 ways to protect your feet by safety shoes
1.Protection against falling and anti smash safety shoes
MKsafety® - MK0120 - Pink S3 grade non slip leather women's work shoes

Details On MKsafety®

If you wear anti smash safety shoes, such as shoeless socks or ankle socks, the fit is loose, but overall, the anti smash safety shoes are comfortable as Chinese steel-toed shoes, and the color is the same as in the advertisement. So far, I have worked very well in the automotive industry, so I want a pair of anti smash safety shoes, so I don’t have to wear boots in the summer. I have had other anti smash safety shoes before, which are steel toe, but they are either too heavy or so far So far, the support is zero. These are great. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to have a stylish and practical anti smash safety shoe.

The anti smash safety shoes are really cool, light weight and good breathability, but this may be because I am not used to that kind of sole, but I wear ordinary running anti smash safety shoes a bit more tired than usual, although they are better than ordinary steel-toed running shoes, not heavy, and designed pretty.

The anti smash safety shoes are safe, comfortable and suitable. These anti smash safety shoes meet the standard, and have a non-slip, anti-smashing and wear-resistant outsole, which can provide traction, and the upper is wrapped with a soft cushion to improve the comfort of the foot.

2. Puncture resistant safety shoes

MKsafety® - MK0297- Azure color low top ultra lightweight composite safety trainers

Details On MKsafety®

The first impression of puncturer esistant safety shoes is that the training shoes are not too big and bulky. Designed to protect your feet will not help you run faster. Ordered size 7 (40 according to the manufacturer’s size chart), but the shoe is marked 41, but the fit is good, so there is no practical problem. There is no document stating the safety specifications applicable to these shoes, so I think this puncture resistant shoes not applicable to any shoes. If you need to make safety requirements, please keep this in mind. Overall, they feel sturdy, well-made, and fit well.

After wearing them for a few days, I found them very comfortable. I stand up most of the day, so comfortable puncture resistant safety shoes are very important, and these meet the requirements. The strips and labels on the back are also fluorescent, which is an added security measure.

Technical Features

Padded mesh collar for added comfort; puncture resistant work shoe laces with steel toe and electrical hazard protection; wear-resistant synthetic toe guards provide additional protection; puncture-resistant insoles to protect nails and sharp objects; traditional straps The style design has metal eyelets for safe and easy-to-adjust fit.

3. Cut resistant safety shoes

MKsafety® - MK0182 - Soft and shock absorption men's waterproof composite toe work shoes

Details On MKsafety®

The comfort of the sole is amazing, even if it is a whole day of walking. The water stays outside and they keep your feet warm. Traction is very good on all surfaces and terrain, even on snow. The decoration is in place. I don’t have any size problems. The laces can be a few inches long, but the cut resistant safety shoes are easy to fix. They may feel a little big at first, but you will get used to them soon. They feel lightweight and very flexible out of the box. Regular cleaning and leather care will be a good idea.

After 7 months, these cut resistant safety shoes will not give up. The tread is still thick without cracking. Of course leather will be hit. I have no problems with the splitting of the leather, and the water remains outside. The only thing that happened was that the insole was damaged and braked in pieces. But I walk about 7 to 10 miles every day. If this is what happened to the abuse I gave these cut resistant safety shoes.

4.Anti static safety shoes

MKsafety® - MK1067- Blue comfortable mesh upper lightest composite toe shoes

Details On MKsafety®

Anti static safety shoes are surprisingly comfortable and looks much better than in the photos. It takes 10 to 12 hours a day to work on larger machines, which are very slippery, and these anti static safety shoes are a boon, helping to relieve knee pain and foot irritation caused by wearing mainstream anti static safety shoes. Believe me, these anti static safety shoes are at the forefront of the times and are good for hard-working feet.

The price of these anti static safety shoes is very good, they are a bit narrow because I feel very wide, but still very good. The Kevlar bottom is also very suitable for slip resistance. I’m a young man, so it’s great not to slip on wet floors. The anti static safety shoes look good, and the strange thing is that they can breathe your feet at the same time keep dry in the rain. These are longer than my previous two pairs of Nike shoes. There is definitely room for improvement in these anti static safety shoes, but they have exceeded my expectations.

Very comfortable and light. The size is about average. This anti static safety shoes will be the second pair I purchased. Usually I can only get 3 to 6 months of use time from sports anti static safety shoes. These lasted for 4 months of my daily use. They live very comfortably, wear and even heal the whole. Both cures broke through on the same day.

5. Non slip safety shoes

MKsafety® - MK0296- High quality elastic cushioning composite safety trainers

Details On MKsafety®

In addition to making men more capable, the non slip safety shoes are also comfortable. When I was working in the yard, I got these things mainly to repair and build the deck behind. I have worn it continuously for more than 8 hours, and my foot has never been injured or tired. They have good grip, non slip, steel toes and very good boots.

High-quality non slip leather and waterproof membrane. The rubber outsole can resist heat to very high temperatures without being affected.

Safety Features

When choosing this non slip safety shoes, you will have footwear that meets the criteria of impact and compression to protect your toes. This non slip steel toe safety shoes ensure safety at the work site, and the toes are protected from objects that may fall, fall or roll.

In order to protect the feet, the non slip safety shoes meet the ASTM standard can protect the soles of the feet from sharp objects.

The rubber outsole has oil and non slip properties to ensure a foothold and has resistance to metal chips to provide additional protection.

Footwear is made of materials that will safely discharge static buildup through the shoes to the floor when in contact with a properly grounded ground.

6. Comfortable safety shoes

MKsafety® - MK0298 - Orange stitching suede shock absorption non metal safety trainers

Details On MKsafety®

The comfortable steel toe cap and puncture-proof midsole are in line with European standards. The steel toe light comfortable cap design can prevent dangerous falling objects and nails from penetrating the midsole, avoiding being stabbed by sharp objects.

These steel-toed comfortable steel toe work boots are made of leather + TPU + mesh, which improves durability, while avoiding heavy boots and reducing workload. The semi-nested windproof tongue design prevents sand, dust and rain from entering the shoes.

These comfortable steel toe safety boots have SRC non slip, oil resistant and wear resistant outsoles. Meet the needs of those who job in harsh places. With these non-slip comfortable safety shoes, you can work relaxed and confident even on smooth surfaces.

The high traction grip sole and comfortable steel toe safety boot arch are supported by steel handles, allowing you to use freely on various working environments and rocky surfaces, giving you with comfort throughout the day.

7. High temperature resistance safety shoes

MKsafety® - MK0298 - Orange stitching suede shock absorption non metal safety trainers

Details On MKsafety®

The non-slip, oil-resistant and high temperature resistance rubber sole with spiral thread can provide additional protection, stability and grip, high temperature resistance safety shoes can meet the requirements of various terrains. The EVA midsole provides comfort, shock fascinating, excellent cushioning and arch support throughout the day. Anti-collision toe and shock fascinating reinforced heel. These men’s lightweight suede high temperature resistance safety shoes are super light and are designed to provide maximum sportiness.

Ultra-smooth padded lining with premium insole provides endless cushioning and comfort. Fast lace fixing system, easy to put on and take off. Cushioning removable insole, with microfiber function, breathable, high temperature resistance and quick-drying characteristics.

The soft leather reduces the pain caused by the braking process, making it a new pair of high temperature resistance safety shoes. No longer need to take off your boots while working. The insole removal option provides your own custom insole to ensure ultimate comfort.

8. High temperature resistance safety shoes

MKsafety® - MK0298 - Orange stitching suede shock absorption non metal safety trainers

Details On MKsafety®

Wearing these withstand extreme weather safety shoes for 3 months, maybe longer. They look beautiful, but the withstand extreme weather safety shoes are intact. Last week, the shoelace finally broke from all welding spatter. My feet have not been scalded once. Toe protection helps, and the leather itself can withstand sparks and splashes. The withstand extreme weather safety shoes are available out of the box. The insole is an orange octagonal pattern, which is very comfortable. This particular boot is slightly heavier than some other woodland professional boots, but this is the expectation of heavy withstand extreme weather safety shoes.

It took a few days to grind the leather to where they feel comfortable. They are also bulky, so it takes some time to get used to. Once you get used to the , the withstand extreme weather safety shoes will be very strong, durable, comfortable and fit. No complaints so far, let’s see how to persist in the long term. The withstand extreme weather safety shoes are obviously expensive, but they are something I wear withstand extreme weather safety shoes every day. Injury or strain on my feet means that I cannot work effectively, so this is the price I am willing to pay for a pair of quality withstand extreme weather safety shoes.


Safety shoes are widely used in various fields, and each style of safety shoes has different application characteristics. Workers need to wear safety shoes to keep their feet safe. This article introduces the characteristics and evaluation of 8 safety shoes, which play a safety role in various fields.

In conclusion, the best safety shoes should be the ones that best suit the construction site environment and ensure safety. This is the best.