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Are the safety shoes with fiber composite toe safe?

Protective footwear is common in people’s daily work, such as mining, transport and construction sites, where they wear appropriate protective footwear to protect their feet from predictable injuries. There are many different types of protective footwear, but the most common type of protective footwear is the smash-proof footwear, but do you understand the principle of smash-proof footwear? Some partners have questions about whether it is safe without the hardness of metal.

What is anti-bashing safety footwear:Anti-bashing safety footwear is traditionally made of a steel toe, so it is also known as steel toe footwear, which is generally used in different work situations to protect the feet and toes from foreseeable injuries. They are designed to prevent foot injuries from falling objects and are mainly used in work environments where there are many items or heavy objects to avoid foot injuries from being hit by heavy objects. In recent years, fibre composite toe shoes have also gradually entered the market.

What is a fibre composite toe labour safety shoe: its made from a high performance inorganic non-metallic material called glass fibre. In recent years, due to the hassle of security checks, steel toe labour protection shoes have gradually been replaced by their non-magnetic material, and the application of glass fibre as a safety toe is an ideal choice. The glass fibre reinforced composite toe can be heat resistant to 200°C, cold resistant to -40°C and also acid and alkali resistant, which can meet the needs of the footwear production process and suit the harsh climate of the wearing environment.

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Experiments have shown that the fiber composite toe has good heat insulation, do not have to worry about the problem of smothering, composite materials are usually resistant to high temperatures, at high temperatures, carbon fiber or boron fiber reinforced metal strength and stiffness than the original metal is much higher, its thermal conductivity is generally smaller, so its instantaneous resistance to ultra-high temperature performance is better; its smash-resistant wear-resistant, lighter weight, 50% lighter than the steel toe, long wear is not tired safety does not deform, can absorb and It can absorb and decompose the impact force and protect the toes for a long time.

As for the safety of the fiber composite head of labor protection shoes, in fact, in a finished labor protection shoes listed, we will do different test standards and certification requirements according to its protective performance, so this kind of labor protection shoes is certainly safe. If there is anything you don’t understand about the purchase of labour protection shoes, please feel free to leave a message and discuss it together.

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Composite toes are very popular as they are lighter in weight, but usually composite toes are more bulbous than steel toe types. Having said that, composite toes continue to improve and the new carbon fibre safety toes are thinner and have less bulb. The bulb characteristics of composite toes are necessary to enable them to be tested to the same ASTM standards as steel toes.

Because composite toe materials are not as strong as the steel used in steel toe shoes, composite toes must be thicker and more bulbous. This limits the styles that can effectively use a composite toe, especially for women’s and men’s dress, casual and athletic styles.

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The slim silhouette of women’s safety toes and other fashionable men’s shoes such as formal shoes and pointed and square toe western boots. the bulbous toe shape of the Composite Toe is not conducive to these types of styles, however; better materials such as carbon fibre materials can change this in the short term.

Prior to the advent of composite toe safety shoes, all electrical hazard safety shoes were steel toed and today there is a large selection of steel toed, electrical hazard safety shoes available.

The electrical hazard test checks the ability of new safety shoes to prevent electrical charges from leaking through the outsole to the ground and the type of safety toe is not relevant to the success or failure of this test.

Electrical hazard safety shoes must be able to hold a charge of 18,000 volts at 60 Hz for 1 minute with no current flow or leakage of more than 1.0 mA in dry conditions.

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Composite toe has advantages over steel toe – composite toe (also known as “Comp Toe”) safety shoes are lighter in weight, but steel toe usually has more toe styles, enhancing the shape of the safety shoe .

Steel and other alloys are stronger than composites, so this allows steel toes (and alloy toes) in steel toe shoes to be thinner and less profiled (less bulbous) than composite toe safety shoes, and still pass ASTM safety toes Tested. This allows steel-toe safety shoes to look as nice, low-profile shoes as pointed and square-toe western boots, as well as men’s and women’s and casual shoes.

Safety toes (steel toes, alloy toes, and compound toes) keep evolving and getting better. There is no doubt that the trend in composite safety toe caps is that new graphite fiber safety toe caps (a new age composite toe cap) will further enter the safety shoe market.

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When choosing safety shoes with steel toe caps or composite toe caps, one of the main deciding factors will be the job and environment they are used for. Both materials are great for protecting your feet and have unique properties that make them incredible protective materials.

It is important to assess your environment and employee needs before purchasing and supplying safety footwear. When choosing safety shoes to ensure they are suitable for your environment, you should ask questions such as: Do you have safety measures that involve you passing through the metal detector multiple times throughout the work day? Will you use heavy machinery? Are you at risk of items falling on your feet? What level of protection do you want? What other features must your safety shoes have? Answering these questions will help make the right decision.

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Safety footwear has become an integral part of workers, but many people have certain misconceptions about the perception and use of safety footwear.

Many people think that wearing safety shoes will prevent the dangers that arise at work, but not all safety shoes are suitable for you. For example, insulated scenarios cannot have metal elements, you have to use composite heads and non-metallic midsoles, and working on construction sites has smash and puncture resistance on the line, other features will only increase your costs. You also need to be familiar with the safety issues that will arise in your work scenario to ensure maximum safety at work.

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Although small manufacturers have cheaper prices, they can ensure that you avoid injuries at work. The big brands have their own factories and have strict production standards, which can guarantee the quality of the shoes from the root and subsequent after-sales protection. The small brands may only be labeled products, although the price is a little cheaper, but they are not qualified at all, let alone bring protection.


Be sure to regularly clean the labor protection shoes, not the solvent as clean up the product. To regularly clean the sole of the labor insurance shoes, to avoid the accumulation of dirt material, to avoid too much dirt material thus affecting the function of insulating shoes and anti-static labor insurance shoes, serious and even life-threatening.