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In the construction projects, safety is a very important matter. We should always keep in mind: safety first.

Every day, our workers on construction sites may encounter various dangers every day. I sorted out the possible dangers on the construction site and made a summary. The hazards that workers may encounter on the construction site are:

1. Falling from a height;
2. Electric shock casualties;
3. Object hits;
4. Mechanical injuries;
5. Collapse accidents;
6. Fires: construction fires and smoking.

Construction engineering has always been a high-risk industry, and there are many accidents every year. If it is not controlled, it is likely to affect the smooth progress of project construction and even lead to serious consequences. Therefore, we need to figure out the possible accidents and dangers on the construction site, and then use professional PPE equipment to avoid the injuries caused by these accidents.The PPE equipment have construction site safety shoes,construction site helmet ,construction site safety jackets etc.

What measures and equipment should we choose to protect workers?

1).construction site safety shoes to protect your feet.(4 models)

Workers need to use their own legs and feet during construction, so protecting their feet is the most important thing. Having a safe working environment for feet is the most important thing on a construction site. So we need a pair of safety shoes that suit us.
There are many types of safety shoes. According to different working environments, we need to use different safety shoes.
If the place where you work is relatively hot, you are exposed to the scorching sun every day, and your feet are covered with sweat, what a blessing to have a pair of breathable and lightweight safety shoes at this time. At this time, you can choose this pair of lightweight safety shoes:

light safety shoes construction site

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The shoes are fashionable, with rubber outsole, steel toe and steel plate. It has the functions of anti-smashing, anti-puncture and lightweight.

This pair of safety shoes perfectly solve the safety problem of workers. If the construction site is relatively hot, then light and breathable shoes also provide the best job option for construction workers. They don’t have to endure the problems of foot blisters and unpleasant smells caused by airtight shoes. Moreover, these shoes are very sturdy and reliable, and they are loved by many consumers once they are put on the market. The annual export volume reaches 50,000 pairs.

  • Light and breathable
  • Suitable for hot working environment
  • Very good protection of foot safety

  • Not smelly feet

  • Not suitable for places with harsh working environment


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Compared to breathable safety shoes. Leather safety boots are the favorite of many factories, construction sites and other companies.

Because breathable construction site safety shoes have poor abrasion resistance, they are not suitable for places with harsh working environments. So people naturally consider leather safety shoes. Leather safety shoes have the characteristics of good wear resistance, long service life and better protection.

Because cowhide is more wear-resistant and has a long service life, this shoe uses 1.6mm cowhide as the shoe upper. Using the outsole of double PU, the wear resistance and anti-slip performance are greatly increased. The addition of some special materials can also enable the sole to have the characteristics of heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other harsh environments. As for the toe and midsole, we still use steel toe and steel midsole, which have good anti-smashing and anti-puncture functions. Even more gratifying is that this shoe still meets European standards. Have a CE certificate.So if some companies and factories need it, we are happy to supply you.

construction site boots

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The protective function of this construction site boots is very powerful, it can be used in many working environments, and the materials are very good, strong and durable.

The construction site boots head has a built-in anti-smashing toe cap, which can withstand 20kN impact and 15kN static pressure to ensure safe operation and protect your feet.

The sole has a built-in anti-piercing steel plate, which can withstand 1100kN piercing force, protecting your soles from sharp objects. And with anti-static function, it can be used in an environment with anti-static requirements, so that the operation can be more guaranteed.

The sole is wear-resistant. The rubber outsole is used to greatly improve the wear resistance, which is convenient for use in harsh environments and prolongs the service life of the protective boots. Non-slip, the sole is made of rubber and has a non-slip block, which can effectively reduce the probability of people slipping and falling and ensure the safety of operation.

The whole boots is waterproof, and can also protect against weak acid, alkali, oil and other substances. The bright yellow PVC high tube makes the operation safer, and makes the protection more worry-free and more secure.

safety boots construction site

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We also have this kind of Goodyear safety boots for construction site.

The characteristics of this safety boots for construction site are more high-end and sturdy. It uses Goodyear’s stitching technology, the connection between the sole and the upper is stronger and will not easily detach. Usually this kind of shoes will use the Grain leather or crazy horse leather, which is more wear-resistant and shiny. The appearance also looks very upscale. This safety boots for construction site can also be used in heavy industry, and the sole can be made according to the working environment. Very long service life. The only disadvantage is that the price is high, because the craftsmanship is relatively expensive, Goodyear technology is handmade. The advantage is that it is more wear-resistant, more comfortable, can be applied to various working environments, and has a relatively high-end appearance, which is deeply loved by consumers.

The above safety boots for construction site are just a small part. The most important thing to buy safety shoes is to choose according to the working environment. If your working environment is relatively relaxed, you can choose flying woven construction site safety boots, if the working environment is a little harsher, you can choose leather construction site safety boots. Later, if your working environment is poor, you can consider safety rain boots and Goodyear construction site safety boots. The right one is the best.Our construction site safety boots are made of the best materials, and the safety of workers is the top priority. And many of our construction site safety shoes have CE certificates, which meet EU standards, so you can choose with confidence.

2).construction site helmet to protect worker’s head.

Although the feet are very important parts, the safety of the head cannot be ignored, which is directly related to the personal safety of a worker. Therefore, the protection of the workers’ head is particularly important.


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We usually use this kind of site safety helmets to protect workers’ heads. It is made of ABS high-strength material. The protective bracket inside the helmet can effectively buffer the energy generated by objects hitting the helmet. It can effectively form two barriers when objects fall. It protects the head from any damage. This safety helmet for construction site is not only sturdy but also very light, it will not feel any discomfort when worn on the head for a long time, and the site safety helmets can also well isolate ultraviolet rays and protect the head. It is really an essential equipment for construction sites.

At the same time, this helmet for construction site also meets EU safety standards. We have also obtained the CE certificate of the European Union. So the quality is guaranteed. We must be the right choice.

3).construction site vest can make construction workers more easily identifiable.(2 Models)


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Although our work is usually during the day. But inevitably there will be working hours at night and bad weather. When the vision is not good at night, if the workers cannot be detected for the first time during construction, it is likely to cause accidents or dangers. At this time, a construction site vest and jacket are essential.

It is made of polyester or cotton cloth, and there are several reflective strips on the surface. The cloth usually uses some more conspicuous colors, such as red and green. This will enable workers to be noticed for the first time when they encounter a little light when working in rain or night. Avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Such a construction site safety vest can not only breathe and absorb sweat, but also is light and conspicuous. When it is important, the price is not expensive. It is a good thing to choose such a product with such a high cost performance.


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This construction site safety jacket and safety vest have the same function, allowing workers to be recognized in the working environment for the first time and reducing all unnecessary accidents. The construction site safety jacket is made of sturdy fabric with a few circles of reflective tape on the surface. Similarly, they also have a distinct color and can maintain a striking appearance under any circumstances. He can also protect all parts of the body and reduce injuries caused by crushed and fallen objects. The construction site safety jacket also has a good windproof effect and is suitable for areas with relatively cold weather. It also keeps warm.

4).site safety gloves can protect work’s hand.


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Foot safety is the foundation of our work. Of course, the safety of workers’ hands is also particularly important. Workers use their hands all the time to work, move things, cut, etc. At this time, we need a pair of good quality gloves to protect our hands from injury. This site safety gloves is to deal with the basic working environment. Made of high-strength nylon, it is very strong, not only absorbs sweat, but also protects the gloves from heavy objects and sharp objects. Very light and easy to use.

Of course, we also have other site work gloves used in heavy industry or harsh environments. Such as electrician, cutting industry and so on. At this time, we will use some cut-resistant gloves and insulating gloves to protect workers’ hand safety. Our site safety gloves are up to European standards and have undergone countless testing and polishing, and are very reliable.

5)ppe safety glasses can protect work’s eyes.

In addition to protecting the feet and hands, we also need to protect the eyes of workers. Although the eyes are not easily hurt, they often work on the construction site with a lot of dust and particles. This greatly increases the chance of eye injury. It is imperative to protect your eyes.


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This pair of goggle safety glasses looks stylish. The PC lens with high impact resistance provides integrated protection for the glasses. The triple elastic temples provide good elasticity without wear. The hard coating on the surface of the lens can effectively prevent scratches. And the lens has a good anti-fog function. Prevent damage from small particles. And can effectively prevent the intrusion of ultraviolet rays.

6)Full body seat beltcan Protect the safety of workers working at heights.

Full body seat belt

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This full-body seat belt is made of 44mm red polyester material, which is bright in color and easy to check

1.All metal parts are made of colored zinc plating, which has strong corrosion resistance
2.Chest strap and cross strap can be adjusted freely
3.The surface of the webbing is soft and smooth
4.The D-ring on the back is used to prevent falling
5.The shoulder strap and c have two different colors for easy distinction
6.The whole body seat belt will not come off during use
7.Approximate weight: 0.7 kg

More importantly, he can provide good protection for workers working at heights. The full-body safety belt has reached European CE standards. We also have GB6095 EN361 certificate. good quality.


So we can see that these safety equipment are really what every worker must need. He can not only protect workers from personal injury, but also make their work more comfortable. Reduce all kinds of discomfort during work.

Regarding how to protect the safety of workers, we can not only wear these safety protective equipment to protect ourselves, but also need to improve workers’ awareness of safety protection. With these two things, workers can work safely on construction sites.