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Anti-static shoes are often used in the production workshops of electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment, integrated circuits and other microelectronics industries, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, clean workshops of electronic factories, laboratories, etc. to reduce or eliminate electrostatic hazards. In these working environments, the requirements for anti-static shoes are more stringent. When purchasing anti-static shoes, they often go directly to the manufacturer of labor insurance shoes for on-the-spot inspection. A professional anti-static shoe manufacturer is relatively mature in terms of production technology and production line management, and can well guarantee the production quality of anti-static shoes.

1、What are the characteristics of ESD safety shoes?

Some ESD safety shoes features include:

Has resistance up to 100 megohms. This is mainly due to their dissipative and conductive soles.

A person’s shoes have a maximum resistance value of 3.5 x 10⁷ to ground. This complies with the requirements of EN 61340-5-1.

Insert carbon fiber in the footbed or sole. Their parts, such as the sole and upper, are stitched with special silver thread.

closed heels

Ordinary fuel oil resistance.

Basic antistatic.

Stiff toe cap that resists 200 joules of shock.

2、What material are anti-static safety shoes made of?

composite toe

ESD safety shoes have many parts made of various materials. PVC or PU material is used to make the sole.

Therefore, safety shoes are sometimes referred to as PVC ESD safety shoes or PU ESD work boots, depending on the material used.

The upper and lining of ESD safety shoes are made of different materials including smooth leather, full grain leather or microfiber.

For added grip, the ESD safe sole is made of a combination of TR rubber and PU material.

The insole is made of impact foam. This material has a unique shape that adapts to the pressure of your foot, ensuring maximum comfort.

Additionally, the midsole is made of a woven fabric material, such as Kevlar or steel, to make it puncture-resistant.

3、Are ESD safe shoes comfortable to wear?

Yes, ESD safety shoes are very comfortable to wear. This is mainly thanks to the adjustable lacing system and soft ESD footbed.

The insoles are usually made of materials such as impact foam, which can accommodate the pressure of your feet. The ESD safety shoes has breathable mesh inside to keep your feet cool and comfortable.

Additionally, the padded tongue and lining make the shoe more comfortable by ensuring breathability. They will also keep your feet dry throughout the day.

They have excellent flexibility and shock absorption. This will remove shock and pressure to your spine and feet.

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4、What are the advantages of ESD safety shoes?

Some of the benefits of ESD safety shoes include:

They prevent static charge build-up. This is because ESD safety boots send static electricity from the body to the ground in a controlled and safe manner.

They will keep you safe by preventing sudden electrical currents during contact.

ESD safety shoes have slip resistance and excellent abrasion resistance. This is because their soles are made of wear-resistant materials like rubber.

In addition, the soles of ESD safety shoes are made of elastic shock-absorbing materials such as EVA. This makes them very comfortable to wear and use.

You can also use ESD safety shoes in environments with high levels of static electricity. This is because the antistatic thread is incorporated into the insole.

ESD safety shoes are versatile and stylish.

Because of the long lifespan of ESD safe shoes, you can wear them for a long time.

5、What factors should be considered when purchasing anti-static safety shoes?

workplace requirements

First, you should research and figure out what specific requirements are for your workplace.

When working in a specific environment, you are likely to suffer severe shocks.

In this case, it is better to switch to EH safety shoes. However, if the requirement is to reduce the possibility of minor electric shock, ESD safety shoes will be the best.

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The efficiency of your ESD safety shoes depends largely on the work environment in which they will be used.

This also affects which ESD safety shoe you choose, as different materials are suitable for different applications.


You can choose from synthetic and breathable leathers. This will keep your feet comfortable and cool while providing ESD protection.

If your main concern is durability, you can choose ESD safe shoes made of genuine leather material.

3.2、ESD capability

Some manufacturers offer safety footwear that do not meet the required standards and therefore cannot dissipate static charges.

You should be on the lookout for non-generic ESD safety shoes with SD or SD in the name.

This is an assertion that they will provide the required protection in electro-sensitive applications.

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Anti-static safety shoes come in many variants, ranging from sneakers, formal styles, boots, high ankles, clogs, and more.

If you want a versatile ESD safety shoe that blends seamlessly with casual or business attire, there are several options.

Most informal workers in industries such as manufacturing prefer comfortable ESD safety footwear such as sneakers or clogs.


This is the most critical factor when choosing any type of shoe. The case of ESD safety shoes is no exception.

A properly sized ESD safe shoe ensures maximum practicality and comfort throughout the day.

This reduces downtime and increases productivity in the long run.

Compliant with ESD Association Standards (ESDA)


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ESDA standards were written specifically for the handling or manufacture of electronic products.

Most manufacturers ignore these standards and usually just refer to ASTM standards.

ESD STM97.2-2006 provides instructions for the classification of ESD safe footwear.

In addition, they qualify such shoes for applications in electrically sensitive environments.

6、Why are ESD safety shoes important?

Conditions in some work environments, such as computer factories, allow static electricity to build up on you as an operator.

Touching metal or other objects will shock you.

ESD safety shoes can prevent this discomfort and annoyance.

Storing electrical discharges in your body is dangerous because electronic devices are often sensitive to static electricity.

Also, electronic equipment can be damaged by voltages far lower than the mild shocks we experience.

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Therefore, anti-static shoes, such as ESD safety shoes, must be worn when working around electronic equipment.

If your job requires you to use electronic equipment, not using ESD safe shoes puts the equipment at risk of damage.

Be careful and get ESD certified safety shoes.

7、How to test the quality of ESD safety shoes?

Safety shoes are already ESD marked, indicating that they have been tested and proven to meet the required standards.

However, as an individual, you can perform the following tests to determine if your safety shoes are ESD capable.

Stand on the conductive test electrodes while wearing ESD safe shoes.

This electrode will measure your ESD resistance as soon as you touch the metal plate.

A resistance below 35 megohms means your ESD safe shoes are high quality and will protect you from static electricity.

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8、Are there personalised ESD safe shoes?

Yes, we can do customization, such as placing brand logo, because we have OEM capability. Additionally, we can manufacture parts for ESD safety shoes using the materials you specify.

Can anti-static safety shoes be worn with any clothing?

Yes, you can pair ESD occupational safety shoes with any outfit, be it work or casual.

However, not all types of ESD-safe footwear are adequate for use in this manner.

Some require use only in environments with high levels of electrostatic discharge.


What sizes do ESD safety shoes come in?

ESD safety shoes are available in a variety of sizes. These sizes range from size 36 to size 46 European standard and can be customized according to your requirements.

Women’s ESD safety shoes are slightly different sizes than men’s.

This should be taken into consideration when purchasing ESD safe shoes.