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Acrylic Paint

Sometimes when we are doing renovation work, we may accidentally get paint on our clothes or work shoes. As we all know, paint is difficult to remove, so we need a simple and practical way to remove the work shoes. Paint, before removing the paint, we should understand the types of paint on the market, according to different paints, implement different methods to remove the paint on the work shoes

1.The types of paint commonly used for decoration work are as follows:

1.1 Wood paint

Wood paint

  • 1.Nitro varnish:Nitro varnish is a transparent lacquer prepared from nitrocellulose, alkyd resin, plasticizer and organic solvent. It is a volatile paint with the characteristics of fast drying and soft gloss. Nitro varnish is divided into three types: bright, semi-matte and matte, which can be selected according to needs. Nitrolacquer also has its certainty: it is easy to whiten in high humidity, low fullness and low hardness.

  • 2.Polyester paint. It is a thick paint made of polyester resin as the main film-forming material. The paint film of polyester paint is plump, with thick layers and hard surfaces. Polyester paint also has varnish varieties, foot polyester varnish.It is widely used in high-grade wood furniture and can also be used on metal surfaces. Its shortcomings mainly include

1.2 Interior wall paint

Interior wall paint

Interior wall paint can be divided into water-soluble paint and latex paint.Latex paint is generally used for decoration. Latex paints are emulsion paints.

1.3 Exterior wall paint


The basic performance of exterior wall paint emulsion paint is similar to that of interior wall emulsion paint. But the paint film is harder and water resistant. Exterior wall latex paint is generally used on exterior walls.

2.How to get paint off

how to get paint off

If it is ordinary water-soluble paint, it can be removed directly with water. If it is stained with non-water-soluble paint, you can use our usual cooling oil to directly apply to the painted area, let it sit for a few minutes, wipe it with a cotton ball along the lines of the cloth, and you will receive the desired effect and then rinse with water. If nylon 秒aterial are stained with paint, it is recommended to scrub them with lard and then wash them with detergent.

Alcohol is not useful for all paints. It can only wash off water-based paints. For general paints, it is best to use solvents such as solvent gasoline, thinner, xylene, cyclohexanone, and butyl ester.

If it is stained with latex paint, you can use 60℃ white wine or a mixture of 8:2 alcohol (95%) and water to soak the white latex stains on the clothes. After soaking for about half an hour, you can scrub with water until it is washed. And finally rinse with water.

2.1How to remove the red paint?

Use gasoline or other thinners to remove it. If you have nail polish remover at home, you can also use it, and the effect is good.Kerosene + acetic acid

3.How to get paint out of work shoes

You can apply cool oil on the work shoes, and then use a cotton ball to wipe a few times along the lines of the warp and weft,if the paint area is large, you can apply gasoline, and then wash with soap or detergent,new stains can be cleaned with turpentine or banana water, and old stains can be cleaned with ammonia Or borax solution treatment,if the woven fabric work shoes are stained with paint, it can be removed with fengyoujing. The specific method is as follows:

  • 1. Work shoes stained with paint or spray paint stains, you can apply a small amount of cooling oil on the shoes that have just been stained with paint. After a few minutes, rub a cotton ball along the Sewing thread for a few times to remove the paint stains.

  • 2.If the area of paint stained on the work shoes is relatively large, then gasoline needs to be used. The method is relatively simple. Apply gasoline evenly to the paint on the work shoes, and then wash it with soap or washing powder after a period of time. It can be washed clean.
  • 3. New stains can be wiped with turpentine or banana water, and then scrubbed with gasoline. If it is aging, soak the stain in 10-20% ammonia or borax solution to dissolve the coagulum and wipe it clean.

  • 4.If the paint is accidentally stained on the woven fabric work shoes, you can remove it with air oil, prepare a cotton swab, then dip an appropriate amount of air oil, and apply it to the paint on the shoes. After standing for a period of time, wipe it back and forth with a soft cloth several times , The paint on it will fall off.

If it is newly applied paint, you can use turpentine, banana water, etc. to treat it, and just scrub gently. If it is old age stains, the stain can be immersed in 10-20% ammonia or borax solution to dissolve and remove the paint. Dip the stain in a 1:1 mixture of ether and turpentine, soak the stain, and then wipe it with gasoline, the effect is also very good.

Smear a little on the stain with Fengyoujing, rub it several times with both hands, the paint will come off, and then wash it off with water. The detergency of Fengyoujing is comparable to that of gasoline, and it is aromatic, unlike gasoline that smells unpleasant.

Pour gasoline on the felt cloth and wipe the paint with the felt cloth. It works. It is best to take care of your leather work shoes after polishing, because gasoline will slightly damage the shoes.