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How to wear labor insurance shoes in summer without stuffy feet?

In the heat of summer, the heat is unbearable and it is torture for workers to wear heavy and non-breathable work boots. Wearing poorly ventilated footwear in summer can lead to foot fungus, which can cause itchy skin and make you want to take off your shoes and work barefoot. But in the company, this behaviour is very indecent and forbidden. The main thing companies want is for employees to wear protective footwear so that they can keep their feet in a safe position while working.


This is why it is so important to have a pair of shoes that are safe and breathable in the summer. As we all know, labour protection shoes are oil and wear resistant, anti-slip and some special industries have anti-static and insulating properties. I think people in the industry know that this is the basic function of labour protection shoes, otherwise they would not be called labour protection shoes.

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They have a steel-covered toe and a steel plate at the bottom, which effectively prevents debris from piercing the feet when working. The steel toe is also effective in preventing heavy objects from hitting the toes, which is the only way to protect your feet. However, steel-toed shoes are very heavy, so stepping on a pair of very heavy shoes in the summer is not an option. Furthermore, summer is the time when you need breathable shoes, then you will open some mesh on the side of the labour protection shoes to allow your feet to breathe properly, so that you can also avoid having foot odour.

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Since the beginning of the volcano, the continuous high temperature has opened the city to the “barbecue” mode, the heat is unbearable. In the face of the high temperature “baking” test, many people are rushing to avoid the hot sun, stay in the comfortable air-conditioned room “life”. However, there is a group of people who are still fighting on the front line to hold on to their posts under the scorching sun. Many of the working  environment is relatively difficult, a day down the workers’ clothes never dry, full of white salt stains, the same feet will also sweat, such as the wrong choice of labor protection shoes are not breathable, naturally will cause stuffy feet, so that workers are not comfortable. Today, MK will talk to you about how to buy labor protection shoes in summer without stuffy feet, we should choose according to their own needs.

The first choice of summer labor protection shoes is breathable, of course, safety shoes as a protective performance of the work of special shoes, protective performance is the main and basic, any choice is based on the protective performance. If you want breathable safety shoes that are not stuffy, we can start with the style and material of the safety shoes to solve the problem of stuffy feet from the root. We can choose shoes with ventilation holes or shoes made from breathable fabrics, such as fly-woven mesh or canvas, which are suitable for places where the working environment is not so tough. If it is important to work in a safe and protective environment, then we can choose a natural leather shoe, as leather does not bore the feet and is breathable.

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About the materials used in the shoe body


Leather, artificial leather, PVC and synthetic fibres are common. Each of these substances has its own advantages, for example.


. Leather is more durable and comfortable to wear, but is less resistant to corrosive liquids. Our Scuderia shoes are made from genuine leather.


. Synthetic leather is suitable for use in situations where water, corrosive chemicals or other contaminants are present, but its functionality is compromised if the surface is damaged.


. PVC is best suited to slippery conditions and is easy to clean, but can be broken down by some chemicals.


. Synthetic fibre bodies are easier to clean and are resistant to chemical breakdown.

Before you choose your protective footwear, you must also consider where the value of the footwear lies. The value here is not the price cost of a pair of protective footwear, but the value it embodies and why you need to wear it.

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Before choosing, we must first understand the main hazards that lead to direct or indirect injuries to employees’ feet, there are the following 6 items, now Pu Cheng Xiaobian tell you about.


  1. Being touched by hard, rolling or falling objects.


  1. Punctured by a sharp object on the sole or body of the shoe.


  1. Cut by a sharp object, even tearing the epidermis.


  1. Lubrication of the ground, falls.


  1. Contact with chemicals, molten metal, hot and cold surfaces.
  1. Working in an environment full of flammable gases, if the discharge of static electricity is not handled properly, it can become a source of ignition and cause an explosion at any time. In addition, the conductivity of the feet can also affect the level of risk of electric shock when employees are in contact with electrical devices.

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Next is the choice of socks and insoles. Some workers are afraid that safety shoes will bore their feet, so they will wear them barefoot, which is actually not right, as wearing them barefoot will lead to blistering and is not comfortable. Summer workers can choose a pair of cotton socks, we all know that cotton fabric is soft, comfortable to the touch, has good moisture absorption and breathability, but also can play a role in protecting the feet, avoid silk socks and nylon Oh. Want to safety shoes do not stuffy feet, in terms of insoles we also need to take great pains, you need to choose a pair of sweat-absorbing, breathable, dry insoles, such as activated charcoal insoles.

Finally, we need to pay attention to ventilation, so that the safety boots remain dry, whether it is breathable fly-woven safety shoes or leather safety shoes, you can take off your shoes during the break to let your feet relax, and put the shoes in the ventilation to dry.

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The role of labour protection shoes is to protect the workers’ feet, so naturally the material it is made of is on the protective side rather than comfortable. Even ordinary people wearing new shoes will experience foot pain, blisters or pain in their feet. Not to mention the protective role of safety footwear


We can use a wet towel to cover the hard part of the shoe for a few minutes, and then take a dry towel to wrap the hard part, and use a hammer to gently tap on the hard part of the shoe to soften it, so that the leather of the shoe becomes softer that it is not easy to make the foot feel painful.

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I’m sure people who are familiar with labour protection shoes know that you can’t wear them barefoot, we can also wear thicker cotton socks, if you wear thick cotton socks and still feel that the labour protection shoes wear your feet, then use a hair dryer to blow on the shoes and socks, the shoes will become a little looser because of the hot air and will also become more soft and comfortable. Of course you can also spray alcohol on the inside of the shoe very close to the shoe then stuff it with paper balls to expand.

If it is some anti-bashing and anti-puncture safety footwear, its material choice is definitely more useful than comfortable. It is inevitable that workers will not feel pain when wearing them, and using the above methods can go a long way to alleviating this pain.


In the summer it is also necessary to wear work shoes, but compared to the autumn and winter seasons, summer work shoes are more concerned with breathability and comfort, no one wants to wear heavy and stuffy shoes to work in the summer heat. For the sake of employees to do their job well and avoid accidents, it is also important to try to improve the safety awareness of workwear.