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1.What are metal-free safety shoes?

Metal free safety shoes, especially a kind of high-strength and insulating metal free liner in the head and bottom, so that the metal free work shoes are light and lightweight while taking into account the safety performance. Wear metal free shoes with excellent characteristics such as comfort.

2.What is the purpose of metal free safety shoes?


Nowadays, traditional safety shoes are mostly made of metal sheets molded into the toe of the safety shoes. When a heavy object falls and hits or kicks the object, it can avoid foot injury. Manufacturers are based on increasing the protection of safety shoes. Consider adding a layer of metal sheet to the insole to prevent foreign objects from penetrating and achieve the purpose of protecting the feet.

The structural design of traditional metal safety shoes is not perfect, and non metal safety shoes have appeared. This kind of non metal safety shoes with light weight, comfort and high safety is mainly used in safety shoes toe and soles. The insulating high-strength non metal lining board can prevent heavy objects from impacting or penetration by foreign objects on the ground, and can achieve lightweight and comfortable metal free safety shoes for industrial use.

Another purpose is to provide non metallic liners with many excellent characteristics such as easy forming and processing and low wear rate, which can greatly reduce manufacturing costs, improve the market competitiveness of safety shoes manufacturers, and benefit the majority of consumers.

3.What are the features of metal-free safety shoes?


  • Non metal safety shoes, the material of the lining board is composite fiber, which is more comfortable.

  • The lower edge of the toe lining board extends inward to a superimposed part that is convenient for assembling and combining the toe lining board.

  • The accessories of the upper are made of non metallic materials with better insulation properties.

  • Non metallic safety shoes are widely used in construction, construction sites, factories, etc.

4.What are the advantages and disadvantages of metal free safety shoes?


4.1 Advantages

The main protective layer in the metal free shoe body is composed of a liner made of composite materials, and the compressive deformation strength of the liner is more than 1000kg/, and the penetration resistance is also more than 40kg/. Penetration ability is enough to prevent injury when the foot is stepped on sharp objects. More importantly, the protective liner is made of a non metallic material that is corrosion-resistant and non-conductive, so it has excellent corrosion resistance and insulation capabilities to achieve protection A more comprehensive effect.

Metal free safety trainers are made of non metallic materials, not only the overall weight is quite light, but also has the excellent characteristics of softness and comfort, non metallic safety shoes can make the wearer more comfortable to wear, make the wearer have better mobility, and increase the convenience of work. Increase the willingness of workers to dress and use.

The protective lining of metal free shoes is made of flat composite materials by pressing, which is not only easy to process and relatively low wear rate, but also easier to assemble the shoe body than traditional ones, so it can greatly reduce manufacturing costs and improve manufacturing. With the market competitiveness of commercial products, the utility model can also be flexibly used for various work purposes, and the appearance of the metal free shoe body can be changed according to the needs of use, thereby bringing economic benefits. Metal free safety shoes can meet the needs of consumers.

4.2 Disadvantages

Metal free boots also have shortcomings. They are not hard enough and may not be suitable for higher-intensity work environments.
Therefore, in a suitable working environment, it is very important to choose a pair of non metallic safety shoes.

5.Top 5 Metal free safety shoes in MKsafety®

5.1 High quality free steel toe boots

MKsafety® - MK0296- High quality elastic cushioning composite safety trainers

Details On MKsafety®

This free steel toe boots has a safe position between the upper part of the shoe body and the inner lining, and between the insole and the sole. Non-metal lining, good insulation and high strength. The shoe upper accessories are made of non-metallic materials, which have better thermal insulation performance. In order to prevent the impact of heavy objects and the intrusion and damage of foreign objects, lightweight, comfortable, and well-protected non-metallic safety boots are formed on the ground.

The ergonomic design is based on superb craftsmanship and innovation to help you conquer the working day. Arch support technology, such as metal-free safety shoes with built-in anti-fatigue technology, keep you comfortable all day long.

We know that you are proud of your work, so our metal-free shoes and steel-toed shoes are designed to provide you with daily work performance. Whether you are working at home or working at home, you should wear comfortable and fashionable non-metal shoes.

Our metal-free safety shoes use high-quality waterproof soft leather uppers, seam-sealed waterproof structure and rust-proof high-speed shoelace hardware. The top is equipped with hooks to secure the shoelaces firmly.



  • 1.Safety Protection  

  • 2.Non Metal Safety Shoes

  • 3.With Composite Toe Cap

  • 4.Breathable And Comfortable

  • 1.The Insoles Are Awful

5.2Water proof non metal safety boots with mid top

MKsafety® - MK0387- Fashion nubuck leather anti smash comfortable composite toe shoes

Details On MKsafety®

These non metal safety boots are of high quality, sturdiness and durability, making them an ideal choice for light industrial workers. The biggest feature-the insole, it does not wrinkle in the non-metallic safety boots, it is also very thin and contains arch support.
Like all work boots, non-metallic safety boots take time to put on, and comfortable insoles can help you. Non-metallic safety boots have sufficient cushioning properties, and with the help of boot polishes, their appearance is very high. Non-metallic boots fit the feet and are the best choice for workers for many years.
This pair of non metal safety boots will not cause pain in the feet or legs. The insole looks very good and very soft. When working at the security check, my feet stay fresh and dry, and they still fit perfectly.



  • 1.Non Metal Safety Boots  

  • 2.Mid Top

  • 3.Comfort For Wearing

  • 1.Smaller Than Actual Size

5.3Lightweight metal free safety trainers for workers

MKsafety® - MK0125 - Composite toe sports steel cap trainers for workers

Details On MKsafety®

Metal free safety trainers with lightweight woven uppers keep your feet breathable and comfortable. The high-quality rubber outsole adopts a deep texture design, which has good stability. Very delicate and beautiful, but also very wear-resistant. The metal-free toe protects the toes from any noon damage. At the same time it fits perfectly.

Metal free safety trainers with lightweight woven uppers keep your feet breathable and comfortable. The high-quality rubber outsole adopts a deep texture design, which has good stability. Very delicate and beautiful, but also very wear-resistant. The metal-free toe protects the toes from any noon damage. At the same time it fits perfectly.

From daily work to life sports, metal-free safety trainers feel great overall. Compound toes are really effective. And the back area of metal free shoes can play a role in absorbing energy. It is a good choice in all respects. Welcome to order a pair of metal free safety trainers.



  • 1.Metal Free Safety Trainers

  • 2.Lightweight And Great Looking
  • 3.Comfortable And Breathable

  • 1.The Shoelaces Are Not Very Strong

5.4Mid top strong leather metal free work boots

MKsafety® - MK0328 - Leather light weight Composite toe safety boots with rubber/pu sole

Details On MKsafety®

MKsafety®-metal free work boots are MKsafety®’s latest metal free work boots. This is the best choice for electricians, yard workers, and airport personnel. The double-layer non-slip rubber outsole can maintain stability on any terrain.

This pair of metal free work boots is a pair of heavy work boots-this is not only for comfort, but also for safety. Wearing metal free work boots can make the legs and ankles comfortable all day long without feeling tired. The detachable insole is used, and the material used is polyurethane, which is soft and shock-absorbing.

The quality of these metal free work boots is absolutely guaranteed. They can be used effectively for up to 6 months. The selection of the upper material itself is very strict, and they are all tested in the factory. This is why they can be used for such a long time. For this reason, the toe cap and Kevlar midsole made of composite materials can ensure safety protection.



  • 1.Metal Free Work Boots

  • 2.Comfortable And Affordable
  • 3.Support System

  • 1.Poor Air Permeability

5.5Low top composite toe women’s metal free safety shoes

MKsafety® - MK0298 - Orange stitching suede shock absorption non metal safety trainers

Details On MKsafety®

These women’s metal free safety shoes are so stylish and comfortable. Built-in safety non-metal toe cap. The appearance is more suitable for women. These women’s metal free safety shoes are really comfortable.

Women’s metal free safety shoes use a soft suede upper to keep it soft and feel comfortable on the feet. women’s metal free safety shoes make you feel relaxed while tired.



  • 1.Women’s Metal Free Safety Shoes

  • 2.Stylish And Comfortable
  • 3.Fit Very Well

  • 1.3 Months Shelf Life

6.In conclusion

This article introduces 5 top non-metal safety shoes and their evaluations that have played a safety role.

Above, I introduced the top 5 non-metallic safety shoes of MKsafety®. They are all very good and the quality is also very good. For me, I would recommend the third pair of metal-free safety shoes from top to bottom. For me, this is a safe non-metal work shoe.More breathable and lighter, it is a cost-effective non-metallic safety shoe.

In short, the best non-metallic safety shoes should be the most suitable for the airport environment to ensure safety. this is the best.