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MKsafety® is helping people build awareness of safety protection in their organizations. The blog aims to provide people with relevant news, opinions and best practices to help them protect themselves at work.

How to clean safety shoes

January Jth, 2023|0 Comments

How to clean safety shoes Work boots and/or safety shoes are essential personal protective equipment used in the workplace to mitigate personal safety

ESD and Anti-Static safetywear

November Jth, 2022|0 Comments

ESD and Anti-Static safetywear What is static electricity? Static electricity is a natural phenomenon that exists objectively and can be generated in many

How To choose ESD safety shoes ?

October Jth, 2022|0 Comments

How To choose ESD safety shoes ? Anti-static shoes are often used in the production workshops of electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment,

  • Agri-food industry

Best nurse shoes

July Jst, 2022|0 Comments

Best nurse shoes After working in the professional shoe industry for so many years, I am often asked: how to choose nurse shoes? Which