MKsafety® Quality Inspection

Since MKsafety has produced safety shoes, an independent safety testing laboratory has been established, and all test standards have been established in accordance with international standards. There are multiple sets of international and domestic leading testing equipment, which can meet the standard testing needs of different countries and regions. At present, there are as many as 300 test items, comprehensively covering various indicators of the safety footwear industry, and becoming the first export channel.

Tear strength

Used to test the tensile strength of shoe materials (leather, fabric and rubber),Also used to test the bond strength between the upper and the sole

Stress Test

Used to test the ultimate pressure that our steel toe caps can withstand


                                                                                          Outsole test


Bending testing machine ≥3600T

Danger: electricity

Electrical isolation

Wet and dry wear

Sieve test

Abrasion test

Outsole folds

ESD anti-static function

Test 100KΩ-1000MΩ