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Notes on purchasing chef shoes

In the eyes of the people, chef is a very glamorous profession, not exposed to the wind and rain, eating good food and drinking spicy food, fat and white, and in good health. In fact, chefs are the second most at-risk occupational disease group, after firefighters. Chefs are required to stand for long periods of time in high temperature and slippery conditions. A pair of unprofessional chef’s shoes can lead to occupational diseases such as varicose veins in the chef’s lower limbs and lumbar spine strain.

As we talked about the protective properties of chef shoes earlier, professional chef shoes have an ergonomically designed outsole, which calculates the most comfortable sole height according to the position of the bones on the bottom of the human foot, relieving the body weight on the arch of the foot and using anti-slip materials, with anti-slip and shock absorption functions. Today, MK is talking to you about what we need to pay attention to when purchasing chef shoes, so you can choose according to your needs.

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The height and material of the chef’s shoes should be suitable, as chefs standing for long hours may lead to varicose veins in the lower limbs. 2-3cm chef’s shoes with a heel can make the arch more reasonable and can play a role in cushioning the body weight on the foot arch, calf and knee joints. Such shoes are more comfortable to wear and will not cause damage to the feet.
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insoles, shoes in the upper using anti-odour material, chefs work in a high-temperature environment will inevitably sweat, can be used with sweating system, such as 4D massage insoles, with high elasticity shock absorption, breathable sweat absorption, soft and comfortable, non-slip durable and other advantages. Ensure that the chef’s feet are always dry, comfortable and breathable.


  • Have a chef shoes anti-slip test report, chef shoes are a kind of functional shoes, remember to look for manufacturers to ask for anti-slip test reports to see if the anti-slip performance is up to standard. The test report is to test the conformity of the product and is to meet the customer’s requirements for product quality. If you can’t get a test report, at least it means that it is not a particularly regular manufacturer.

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  • to try on in the work environment, bulk purchase when we can first let the manufacturer send a few pairs of samples, samples are representatives of corporate image, is a representative of the quality of the product, you can let the chef try on in the kitchen, whether it really has a non-slip non-slip effect.

In previous articles, we have all explained the tidbits of information about labour protection shoes. In the end, they are all shoes that protect the feet of employees. However, for the more professional ones, we do not have a special section on them. Next I will introduce you to the more professionalsafety shoes. Today’s article is about buying instructions for chef shoes. We know that each pair of shoes has a different function due to the nature of the working environment and the requirements of the job. What is the function of chef’s shoes? Let me give you an overview.

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Firstly, the function of kitchen slip resistant shoes kitchen slip resistant shoes are mainly slip resistant, waterproof and should withstand the tests of the kitchen environment, chef shoes also need to be resistant to acid and alkaline liquids, because many times in the kitchen, cleaning liquids are needed, these cleaning liquids are acidic or alkaline, the chef needs to have a cooking shoe to protect these liquids from wearing out over a period of time being corrupted. If you don’t buy professional kitchen non-slip shoes, the chef works in a heavily oiled kitchen for a long time, and due to the ground environment with oil, acid and alkali, ordinary shoes are worn and lose their colour straight away. It can be seen that the use of former soles not professional chef anti-slip shoes soles, the quality is not good, encounter oil, acid, alkali corrosion fluid, the soles dissolve. These shoes, when worn by the chef, do not provide adequate protection.

For slip resistance, look for the slip resistance factor of chef shoes. Look at the chef’s shoes you buy. What can the slip resistance factor be? Is there a corresponding inspection report? The slip resistance factor of chef shoes should meet the requirements of the national standard. chef shoes should have a higher slip resistance factor to cope with more complex workplaces with water, oil and detergents. class A chef shoes can provide sufficient slip resistance on floors with oil, water and detergents.

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The second is the breathability and comfort of kitchen slip resistant shoes, chef shoes are generally worn by businesses in the kitchen, the kitchen as we all know is more prone to humidity and is very stuffy, a breathable kitchen slip resistant shoe can be developed to bring the chef a very comfortable experience. After all, one stop, is a day, chef shoes breathable and comfortable life words, for some chef work they have a great impact to help. So when making a choice, breathability is also a very important point.

However, due to the specificity of the chef’s working environment, the need to protect against oil and water splashes, it is difficult to use flywoven or mesh materials, and using leather materials for cooking shoes has demands on the manufacturer of cooking shoes in terms of how they balance protection and breathability. And it is difficult for poor quality chef shoes to be both safe and breathable. That’s why it’s important to choose a suitable kitchen slip resistant shoe.

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Finally, the appearance of kitchen cleats, many kitchens are now open to customers and customers can see the inside of the kitchen through the camera, which can increase customer confidence. Beautiful and stylish chef shoes can give customers a better feeling. Some chef shoe factories have special designers who can customise their own business chef shoes to suit their needs, and the quality far exceeds national and European standards, making them not only beautiful to wear but very practical.

The above is a brief introduction to the considerations for purchasing chef shoes, chef shoes are mainly provided to hotels, restaurants chefs use a class of protective work shoes, but also because of its characteristics in different industries have the same environment is also used chef shoes, such as food processing plants, etc.

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When purchasing we need to pay high attention to the need to always be vigilant and start with the details to avoid accidents. Today we will first explain so much, I hope it can help you, if you do not know anything else about the purchase of work boots, welcome to come to the consultation message, together with the discussion Oh.