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1.Why do we need maintain safety shoes?

maintain safety shoes

People often neglect the maintenance and cleaning of safety shoes.which means they must buy a new pair of shoes in a short time. But safety shoes and professional shoes are very expensive, so you need to understand the importance of regular cleaning, because correct maintenance can not only extend the life of their products, but also improve the comfort of the wearer.

2.Factors affecting the service life of safety shoes

How long a pair of safety shoes can be worn

This question is difficult to answer accurately. The main reason is that the service life of different industries is different. It is really uncertain how long the service life is. The quality is good or bad, and the average factory is replaced every six months.

2.1Two main factors: working environment and usage habits

  • Because there are many factors that affect the service life of safety shoes, the service life of safety shoes mainly depends on the working environment in which the safety shoes are used, the user’s use state, the environment is good, the use intensity is low, and it can be worn for one to three years. The environment is harsh, such as a chemical factory. In the electroplating workshop, because it is extremely corrosive, it takes about three months.

  • The service life has a lot to do with living habits. For example, if safety shoes are not stored properly, and safety shoes are stored in plastic bags, it causes no ventilation and promotes the formation of mold. When wearing safety shoes, fasten the shoelaces, resulting in a decrease in the use time of the shoelaces, which will affect the service life of the shoes.

3.How to extend the life of safety shoes?

extend the life of safety shoes

Safety shoes need to be used and maintained correctly. Safety shoes are tools for people to protect their personal safety. Both use and maintenance must be carried out carefully to ensure that it is effective and maintains the health of the user’s feet. Therefore, the following considerations should be added:

First: Clean safety shoes regularly. The important thing to note is not to use solvents as cleaning agents.

Second: Clean the soles of shoes frequently to avoid accumulation of dust, especially insulating safety shoes. The conductivity or antistatic effect of the sole will be affected. In addition, it is affected by the dirt on the soles, even endangering life and safety

Third: Please do not change the structure of safety shoes at will. Since the structure of conventional safety shoes is carefully designed by designers to protect personal safety, random modification may affect the safety index of safety shoes.

Finally: when not using safety shoes, they should be stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place. Local.

4.Top 10 tips of store ,clean and maintain safety shoes

  • 1. When safety shoes are not in use, it is best to put them in the shoe box first, and then store them in a ventilated and dry place to prevent pathogens and mildew. The specific storage location is more than 20cm away from the ground and the wall to prevent moisture. In addition, safety shoes should be kept away from high temperature areas and avoid direct contact with acids, alkalis, oils, and corrosive solutions.

  • 2. It is recommended to workers with two or three pairs of good work shoes, so that they can often replace work shoes. Replace a pair of safety shoes every day, which can greatly extend the life of safety shoes.

  • 3. The insole worn in the safety shoes should be placed in the correct position in the safety shoes when using it.

  • 4. After the safety shoes are soiled, you can use a soft brush or damp cloth to wipe the dust or dirt on the safety shoes. If necessary, use a brush or damp cloth with soap or detergent to wash the safety shoes. During the cleaning and maintenance process, please avoid using hard brushes or washing directly with water or detergent. After cleaning the safety shoes, they should be placed in a ventilated and dry place to dry immediately. Avoid using hot air blowers or clothes dryers to dry them. After the surface of the safety shoes is dry, you can use a special shoe polish to wipe and wipe to prolong the service life of the shoes and prevent the shoe skin from cracking.

  • 5. The upper of safety shoes are generally made online or glued. Therefore, safety shoes cannot be used as rain boots. They cannot be soaked in water for a long time.

  • 6. Our cleaning work is not only limited to the surface and surrounding parts of the safety shoes, but also needs to clean the bottom of the safety shoes frequently to avoid the accumulation of dust. Because a large amount of dust will affect the anti-static function of safety shoes, but also reduce its anti-skid performance.

  • 7. Do not use oily or greasy maintenance lotion. In this way, the shoes will lose their original hardness, at the same time it will block the pores of the leather and make the leather safety shoes lose breathability.

  • 8. In addition, after the safety shoes are cleaned, they must be sprayed with protective spray when they are completely dry. Prevent moisture and stains from remaining on the leather. This is very important because leaving moisture or stains will make it lose its breathability.

  • 9. To clean the safety shoes of the mesh surface, you can use a shoe brush to brush on the soap and then the mesh surface and the sole, and it is enough to wash it once or twice.

  • 10. After washing the textile safety shoes, dry them naturally, and treat them with water repellent after drying. Do not use shoe wax or shoe polish, as they will impair the breathability of the shoe.


People often overestimate the service life of safety shoes and protective shoes. Even if you think that the safety shoes are still in good condition and can definitely be worn for a few more months or years, you should still observe the following information:

Every time you wear shoes, you must check the shoes for visible external damage. If there is damage, you should replace the shoes, such as: the integrity of the outer shoe material and outsole, adequate tread, and the function of the fasteners (if applicable)

Finally, how to find out the age of the shoes? The label on the underside of the tongue of any given shoe contains information including the date of production, which is recorded as the month of production/year of production.

If the time for safety shoes or professional shoes is up, new shoes should be replaced immediately.