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In today’s life, safety shoes have become indispensable equipment in our lives and work. He can not only protect our feet from injury, but also provide a comfortable and light working environment for our feet. Let us work easily.

1.How can safety shoes protect our feet?

Most safety shoes are made of a combination of safety toe and steel plate. The steel plate can effectively prevent sharp objects from piercing the sole and protect the sole of our feet from injury. The steel toe can prevent heavy objects from falling to our feet and provide a safe environment for the toes. It is a very important part of safety shoes.
Today we will talk about the steel toe of safety shoes. Today’s science and technology are more and more developed. We not only have steel toe, but also iron toe and composite toe.

2.Difference between steel toe and composite toe

Difference between steel toe and composite toe

Iron toe and steel toe are very common, and most safety shoes use these two toes. But with the development of science, some customers pursue lightness and comfort, and they will also use more costly composite toe. Because the composite toe is lighter, his anti-smashing ability is not weaker than the steel toe and the iron toe. And they are not easy to rust and have a very long service life. It is loved by some customers. Moreover, most high-end shoes will abandon steel toes and choose composite toe, which greatly helps the comfort and lightness of the shoes.

2.1Steel toe cap

Only made of stainless steel, it has been applied to safety shoes for nearly a hundred years, and steel toe caps are still more favored by customers than composite toe caps because of their stronger strength. In work boots, they are the same as composite toe. In the case of high strength, the required thickness is a little thinner. Compared with composite toe work boots, low cost and high cost performance

2.2Composite toe cap

  • Non-metallic materials: glass fiber, carbon fiber or plastic

  • Outstanding performance in terms of comfort

  • Compared with steel toes, it has a lighter mass and reduces leg fatigue

  • Relatively high cost, used for high-quality safety boots

  • Not affected by temperature, comfortable experience

  • Under the same strength, the thickness will be thicker

  • Metal-free working boots are safer to use in environments with electrical hazards

  • Carbon fiber toe cap can solve the contradiction between strength and thickness

3.What is composite toe made of ?

There are many types of composite toe, such as plastic toe, fiberglass toe, and carbon fiber toe.Because some industries are special and may need to be tested when entering the working environment, the steel toe cap steel midsole cannot pass the test. This is why composite toe are becoming more and more popular.

3.1Plastic toe(Made of plastic):

plastic toe

3.2Fiberglass toe(Made of fiberglass)


3.3Carbon fiber toe(Made of carbon fiber)


4.Our steel toe shoes and composite toe shoes

4.1.1Steel toe shoes

Steel toe is an upgraded version of iron toe, and it is also the choice of more and more people. Steel heads are generally divided into non-standard steel toe and standard steel toe. Because some customers only need the toe cap to have a good anti-smashing effect and a long service life that is not easy to rust, they do not have high requirements on the steel toe, and only need to use substandard steel toe to make safety shoes. There are some customers who require safety shoes to have a certificate, and the toe can meet the EU standards. At this time, we usually use the steel toe that meets the standard to make safety shoes for them.

4.1Mid top first layer leather steel toe work boots


Details On MKsafety®

You can choose this pair of steel toe work shoes, The quality of this work shoes is very good.

This safety shoes uses EU standard steel toe, which has a very good anti-smashing effect. At the same time, he used high-quality cowhide as the shoe upper. The high-quality injection PU sole is used, which has excellent anti-slip and wear resistance. The EU standard steel plate is used as the midsole. The anti-puncture effect is very good. At the same time, this shoe meets EU standards and has CE certificate. It can be seen that the quality of the shoes is very good. If some customers think he is too heavy, we can also change the material of the toe cap and midsole for him.

This type of steel toe work boots is characterized by abrasion resistance and durability. Because he uses steel toes and steel soles. The leather upper is used. He also has the disadvantage that the weight is heavier, compared to some breathable safety shoes. Because the material itself is heavier.

4.1.2Low top classic design steel toe safety shoes for workers


Details On MKsafety®

You can also choose MKsafety®steel toe safety shoes. This safety shoes is characterized by its compact size and better quality. He uses a dual-density solid PU outsole, and the upper is made of cowhide leather, which is wear-resistant and high-end.

At the same time, he also uses steel toe and steel midsole. Excellent quality, suitable for various working environments. Of course, this steel toe safety shoes also meets EU standards and has a CE certificate. At the same time, we will also give you a 6-month quality guarantee. The price is also very good.

The biggest feature of this steel toe cap shoes is that it is suitable for a variety of working environments. His service life is also very long. The anti-smashing and anti-puncture performance is excellent, because the EU-compliant steel toe and steel midsole are used. The weight is also lighter than that of high-top safety shoes. Wearable and comfortable. you deserve to have.

4.2Composite toe shoes

let’s talk about composite toe shoes. There are many materials for composite toe. Generally speaking, plastic toe and fiberglass toe in compound toes are more common. The carbon fiber toe is least,Because workers are not allowed to wear iron or steel products in some working environments, they will choose composite toe as protection. Although this composite toe is made of plastic or fiberglass, its strength is relatively high and hard, which can effectively protect the safety of workers’ feet. The advantages of this composite toeare obviously light and comfortable. The weight is particularly light. There is no obvious weight-bearing feeling on the feet. This composite toe is mostly used on safety trainers and safety sneakers, which is light and breathable.

4.2.1Low cut suede leather upper composite toe safety shoes


Details On MKsafety®

We can choose this safety shoes with composite toe. It is made of mesh upper and rubber sole. The toe cap uses a plastic toe, and the sole uses a Kevlar midsole. Very light and breathable. This shoe is suitable for mines and some special working environments. It can be tested by testing equipment. Protect workers’ feet safety.

The biggest advantage of this shoe is that it is light and breathable. The weight is similar to ordinary sports shoes. There is no feeling on the feet. Such a pair of safety shoes are as fashionable as ordinary safety shoes. And it is very light to wear on the feet.



  • 1.Lightweight Shoe Body
  • 2.Breathable Lining
  • 3.Fashion Design
  • 1.Poor Oil Resistance

4.2.2Ultra lightweight composite toe safety boots


Details On MKsafety®

This composite safety footwear. The appearance is very stylish. The high-top design can effectively protect the feet of workers. The outsole of the composite toe safety boots adopts a very good quality model outsole, which has a fashionable appearance, good wear resistance and elasticity. And it’s very comfortable to wear.

The upper is made of mesh, which is breathable and lightweight. It uses Kevlar’s midsole and fiberglass composite toe. It has the functions of insulation and antistatic. It can be used in some electric working environment. The fiberglass toe of this safety boots also meets EU standards. His hardness and anti-smashing ability are no different from steel toe, even better than steel heads. And it is lighter than steel toe. long lasting. However, glass fiber composite toes are relatively rare, and their cost is relatively high, so ordinary safety shoes will not use this fiberglass toe.

The biggest advantage of this composite toe work boots is that it has more functions. Not only has the function of anti-smashing and anti-puncture. It also has the functions of insulation, antistatic and anti-slip. It also has a CE certificate certified by the European Union. So customers can buy with confidence. The quality is absolutely guaranteed. Of course, this shoe has disadvantages, that is, the cost is relatively high. Because of its material and glass fiber composite toe, it is more expensive than ordinary safety shoes. But his quality is worthy of his price. If you need a lot, we will also customize it for you. Give you the biggest discount. You deserve to have such a pair of stylish, well-made, and high-quality safety shoes.


By steel toe VS composite toe, we find that steel toe are more widely used in daily life. His advantages are obvious: durable, high hardness, low cost, and long service life. The disadvantage is: the weight is heavy, and some special working environments cannot be used.

The advantages and disadvantages of composite toe are also obvious.

The advantages are: relatively light weight, suitable for many special working environments, sufficient hardness, relatively strong variability, and not much difference in service life and steel toe.

The disadvantage is: the cost may be relatively high and relatively rare.

Most customers still choose steel toe to make safety shoes. But some customers who are looking for more functions in safety shoes may also prefer composite toe. It can make safety shoes have more functions, and can make safety shoes lighter.So we still need to choose steel toe and composite toe according to our working environment.